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Monday, October 12, 2015

What is your spiritual practice?

Turtle self love
I have thought about this question so much over the past several years. I never knew what to say when anyone asked me this question. This seemed so silly  to me since I think about my spirituality a great deal. I just never knew what my answer would be. In my head, I might say I  practice meditation, yoga  or walking  a lot in nature.

 It always seemed that it wasn't the definitive answer. I wanted to say I am a practicing Buddhist,  Jew or Muslim etc but I wasn't. However, I finally have understood what my spiritual practice  really is. It is Honoring Me. That is a big statement in a world that does not value honoring one self. We are frequently  doing for others before we take care of ourselves.  And we are frequently sick as a result. And more importantly, we can't give to others what we don't  already have inside of us.

 From this day forward,  I choose to honor myself. It feels good to say it out loud. I hope that you will consider the path of honoring yourself as well.  It is a challenging  and revolutionary path and yet so deeply soul satisfying.

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