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Monday, July 27, 2015

Grief is Contagious- Are you getting sick from it?

Have you ever wondered if your body pain is really someone else's?
Have you noticed that after you have listened to an unhappy  spouse, child or friend that you have pain in your body?

I am not talking about just spreading germs but actually feeling and absorbing someone else's heartaches or neck aches. For example, after we talk to a grief stricken friend, the next day we may feel the pain in  our heart.  We really do not do our friends a service by taking the pain into our body. Now there are simply two people in pain.

Or  you could do it  differently:
After the talk, take some time to take a deep breath and separate from them.
Take a shower with epson salts on the floor or the shower.
Take a foot bath with 1/2 -1 cup of epsom salts in the water for 20 minutes.
Put your hands in running cold water for 20 seconds.
Set the intention that you do not want to absorb their pain.
Be conscious that this can happen and ask yourself is this your pain or your friends'. If it is the friend, give it back to them. They need to heal it not you.

Remember there is more to us than you can imagine. Love your body by paying attention.
Interesting books to look at:
Heal your Body by Louise Hay
Soul Speak, the language of your body by Julia Cannon
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