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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Not asking enough questions?

Heron Watch
I wonder how many of our thoughts inhibit us from asking and getting what we want. I think that we are so sure that things aren't  possible that we don't even ask for them.

 I had two such experiences on July 4th. I was convinced that the framer that I love to use in Raritan, NJ would be closed on the holiday. I have been wanting to bring in some of my artwork to be framed and was ready to do it that day. I called and he was open.
Then a food dehydrator that we have used for about 10 months, simply stopped working while drying cashews . Again, I did not think that I could get a credit towards a new one but I tried it anyway.
And I received a completely new dehydrator in exchange for the broken one without a receipt.

I feel that this is just a small example of the ways that we narrow our lives by believing that things are just not possible. How many questions did you forget to ask today?
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