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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kindnesses and Small Frog Wishes

small frog wishes
My Husband and I went to see the movie, St. Vincents last night. It is the story of  the relationship between an aging Vietnam Veteran, Bill Murray and his 12 year old neighbor, Jaeden Liberher told in a candid, sometimes painful and always heart felt manner.

Being in my late  60's, I find myself reflecting on how many changes I have experienced in my life time. Even my children talk about life before and after smart phones.  I remember marches and tear gas in People's Park in Berkeley. In the 70's, I remember living in an apartment in San Francisco and visiting Haight Ashbury with the colorful victorian buildings.  I remember thinking that I did not want to get married in my 20's and live the life that my parents lived. I did not want to be suffocated by doing the "right things". So I rebelled in the ways that I could.

When I watch movies like St Vincents, I remember the hopefulness of the 60's and 70's, the extreme capitalism of the 80's and 90's and then 9/11 and the aftermath of never ending wars ....
I do believe that we need to stop relying on things outside of us to get better and start focusing on what we can do. Back then, I believed in the power of kindness and intentional change and I still do. In the movie, Jaeden was kind to Bill Murray even though he remained a curmudgeon the entire plot. So be kind every day even though the people around you resist and challenge you at every turn.  It doesn't negate your action just theirs.

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