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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Invisible Warriors

What if we are all invisible warriors. We get up every morning and we  do the very best that we can.
Frog Sighting
We cope with health, employment, housing, taxes, children, parents etc. We don't even notice how many small challenges we face every day. We simply muster through them.

What if we started noticing the small challenges that we  are facing.  We notice how hard it is for our children to wake up in the morning. We notice how hard it is to deal with NJ road rage daily. We notice that we somehow manage to pay our  high  taxes on time. We notice that we do our jobs the best that we can. We notice that we are really sensitive to things and still manage to deal with them.
Simply by noticing these things, we begin  to be aware that we are already doing the best we can.
Happy Holidays to everyone and to all a good day.......

This is an interesting Ted Talk about becoming more
visible in our world.
How I show that Everyone's Work is of Value
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