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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Compassion For Self

Gold Frog

Have you noticed that things and people seem to be falling apart?  We are witnessing a world that doesn't make any sense. So how do we cope with our own dramas and nightmare stories using life sustaining and loving strategies.

While most of us are not addicted to heroin, we may be using excessive food, alcohol, nicotine or prescriptions drugs . They  help to numb us to  the pain of living in this world and yet they don't help us to cope in a sustained way.  

First of all, ask for help from family, friends, and professionals etc.  Suffer the embarrassment of saying  that you don't know what to do. It is a big first step.
Secondly, feel compassion for your self. Do not judge.
Instead say to yourself the following affirmations
I am safe and I am healthy when you are feeling despair.

Every morning, I wake up and pledge allegiance to myself to be loving, courageous and joyful. It helps to remind me of what the day will bring.....

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