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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Overwhelming Response To Are You Normal Yet Is No........

warty toad
 I believe that we are all a bit quirky and we have been trained to smooth out the wrinkles and eccentricities. I feel that we do this at great cost to ourselves and our health.The question is how do we know that we are being de-wrinkled. Everyone is certainly different, for me it has been the presence of pain in my body.

My childhood memories include  health challenges that began as an infant. I had thrush for several months where I have been told that I screamed  all of the time. After that,  I had a succession of warts. hives, eczema, and allergies, etc. The struggle continued into adult hood. When I got married, I had 4 inch hives all over my back.

Fortunately, my physical body has continued to remind me of challenges that I am facing in my life.
They usually come when there are major shifts and changes in my life.  My last bout being about three days ago.

As I have said before the physical body manifests the emotional, mental and spiritual issues that we need to address. So if we continually ignore the messages from our physical body  then we stop the communication process with ourselves. Each part of the body represents different lessons. Perhaps, we are all receiving texts  from  the physical body that we need to listen to right now.

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