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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

California Dreaming

My husband and I just went out to Ojai, California for a family wedding. The forecast was for a heat wave caused by Santa Anna desert  winds. Of course, it was to be an outdoor wedding and reception.
Eucalyptus Fairy Tree
Since I have not visited California for the past twenty years, I was really excited to go and it was amazing.

If you have ever heard anyone say that there are some geographical spots that just feel better than others. I really believe this to be true. I have grown accustomed to NJ and it has been really good to me but I have never been completely comfortable here. I lived in California for 10 years  in the 70's and loved  almost every moment of it.

So when we recently visited, I remembered why. The food was fresh and delicious and the scenery gorgeous. Ojai is in a valley surrounded by two sets of high  mountains. There were so many shops that offered beautiful art and crafts. Many more that offered healing and different perspectives on living the "good life". And there was a lovely craft  shop that was hosting a talk based on 10,000 photographs of orbs and fairies.
When I moved East in the early 80's, I remembered saying that I wanted to offer a different perspective on life than most people knew about and I found that challenge in NJ......

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