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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Telling the Truth and Dancing

Singing Frog
It is hard to read today's news . There is a strong presence of doom and gloom wherever we look. Schools are facing hard times. Teachers are not happy with their curriculums and students are acting out.  Many people are not happy with their jobs and looking for a better fit. Many adults seem to think that helping people is the road to happiness.
I  am happy with my work but it is not always easy.  In fact, it is sometimes a challenge to stay connected.
So what do I do to stay present and balanced with all that is happening.

I paint awesome frogs.
I share my sweet and rough spots with dear family and friends.
I bake chocolate chip cookies that are both delicious and healthy.
I take walks with friends along the canal and delight in seeing the herons and egrets that roost there.
I paint dragonflies on t shirts and onesies.
I go for massages when I can.
I imagine that there are fairies and elves in my fairy garden.
I read  fictional stories  that take me to foreign countries that I may never go to.
I  sing and dance to music when I remember.
What to you do?
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