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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time away and new beginnings

Mom and Baby Ben
I have just returned from a three week trip to Northern England to visit my new grandson,Ben. I had been warned that holding him was going to be an amazing experience and I could not even imagine the feeling.  Well, it is true. I loved holding him and looking into his enormous blue eyes. I did not think that I would become  the Grandmother that would pull out my i phone and share the camera roll either and I am doing that. Oh well, I am okay with all of it. So this is a quick sketch  from my camera roll on my iPad.

While I was away, I thought about how I would shift things once I returned to NJ. I flew back to NJ last  Tuesday and began working again on Wednesday. I have  once again decided to change  my psychotherapy practice by offering two hour sessions when needed instead of the regular weekly meetings. After 30 years of being a psychotherapist,  I have  noticed  that  deeper healing work is more effective when you   meet for a longer time and less often.
Have you noticed in a 50 min. session that you just begin to get to the real issues and it is time to stop? By the time, that you meet again, the urgency is gone and normally we often  do not return to the same issue. When we work for longer periods the work is deeper and the change is more profound.
We are a culture that wants to do things quickly and get it over with. In healing work, this is not always helpful. In a time of energy and resource conservation, the added bonus is that it saves on travel time and gas expense. T
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