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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring and Beautiful smells

Most weekday mornings, I try to go for a walk with Pixie, our 11 year old Golden Retreiver. She usually gives me  clear messages that it is time to go out. She often will not eat breakfast because she is afraid that I will leave without her. Sometimes I have but it was because it was just too hot or too much poison ivy on the tow path. She has definitely learned to be wary of my sudden exits out of the door.
Cherry Prinsepia
However today, she had her breakfast and  we did go for a walk in the Perennial Garden at Colonial Park.
At the park, we met our, during the week walking  partner, Natalie. Natalie is fun to walk with since she enjoys taking side paths and exploring different areas of the park. She also loves Pixie and her ways. Pixie loves to sniff alot and often stops to do so. When Pixie is done she simply stops walking and will not walk another step. At that point, we need to turn around and go back to the car.

But today was different, Natalie and I did the sniffing of the beautify new smells of Spring. We walked from tree to tree smelling the delicious aromas. It is so awesome to be out enjoying nature in the  early spring. One of the best smells was this Cherry Prinsepia. The scent was a  light floral smell and it  has tiny fragrant yellow flowers.

The other trees that we sniffed out were the Magnolias. They are much more beautiful to see than smell we decided.

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