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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trying and expecting a miracle

miracles of nature
I married myself last night. Interesting, I had written a blog post describing my frustration about needing to fit into a a narrow paradigm of acceptable truths. I  had heard one too many scientific explanations of things that could not be explained and I just said what I believed to be true. The tricky thing is that when you say it, you have held it in for so long  that the words come out very strongly.

In order to change a pattern, we often shift into stronger words or actions and then we moderate out. I am setting the intention to expect to tell the truth everyday and expect to see miracles. When challenged we often say, I will try to do that differently. The intention  doesn't really ring true when said like that. However, if we say, I expect a miracle. That is powerful.
 I witnessed a miracle in my dreams last night. I actually attended a marriage where the two parts of me got married. The part that is very public and the private one.  I remembered feeling very good about the prospect. It is so nice when the outer world stimulates the inner world and you receive direct feedback from the unconscious. In my world, this is the best confirmation that I am  on the right path.
 I invite you to marry yourselves  as soon as possible. It is a lovely feeling.
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