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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

less is more

sedona sunset
Since many humans are gifted with the ability to talk as much as we want,   we seem to  overuse this capability.Today by the time I had  finished answering a question ,  I  had  completely forgotten the original question. It was unsettling and certainly made me question the senior moment theory .

However, I think that it is more than that.  Last week,  I was talking to my husband Nat about words vs  pictures. Since he is a photographer and I am the psychotherapist, you can imagine which sides we chose. Although, he has stated very clearly for many years that we are ruled by images and we don't take the time to understand  meaning of  these pictures. It has taken me a very long time to really understand what he was  saying. In fact, almost 30 years and it proves that we  never really know everything about each other!!
However, that day, I did get it. He said that the words come from our heads and the images come  from our hearts. So much  of our  talking is often without the emotions of the heart. If we use fewer  words and more images, then the communication is apt to be  filled with love and compassion. It was a very good conversation.
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