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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

small gifts are the blessings

Good morning. It is the second day of  Hanukah and  three days before Christmas. There is no sign of snow and this is making some folks grumble  . I am enjoying the ease of getting around during these hectic times and the warmer weather. It will certainly shift soon and I am so grateful for the abundance of warmer weather right now.
Today, I am also  grateful for a recent dream that I had.
I was looking at   apartments for rent   with a friend of mine. The one that we found  was a two room place and one of the rooms housed a box turtle. I liked the place and the turtle except that the turtle nipped at your head when you lay down to sleep. Then the turtle and  I went for a walk   on the beach  and he acted like a dog. He was cavorting and running all over the sand and rocks.  I remember thinking that turtles are quite speedy and not the slow  poke that everyone thinks.
The dream  reminded me of this painting that I did several years ago.In  the book Medicine cards by David Carsons and Jamie Sans, they describe   Turtle energy as  nudging us to access our  passion  by moving  gracefully  between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This is done by  being very conscious of all of our thoughts and actions in the present moment.  As the sign above the exit door in my office says, BREATHE and it is easier to accomplish  this.
Have a wonderful and blessed  holiday season.
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