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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Everything Is Real

Swimming for Life
I find that  words and the images are inadequate to express what I would like to say. Everywhere that I look, we are facing challenges to what we thought was the forever truth..
I look at  Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders and he keeps standing strong although many folks are telling him that he should step aside. He knows that the time is not right yet. He still has more to say.....

What is amazing is that he still looks like he has the good  fight left in him. He does not have the war torn look of being in a difficult political arena but instead an inner light that seems to propel him forward. He symbolizes for me the knowing that we know what we know in the moment.

In this lifetime, I have followed the guidance of my inner  knowing. Sometimes I did not know where I was going and really struggled with the process. Now,  I am  clearer that  the struggle has been inside of me. I thought for years that I was fighting outside forces and saw the struggle as a uphill path filled with unwieldy, unstable boulders.
I am now noticing that we can shift:
if we do not look for outside confirmation.
if our choices make  us feel happier.
if we keep picking sovereignty.
if we start feeling physically stronger and healthier.
if we feel freedom.
if we stay in present time.
if we know it is easy.

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