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Monday, January 18, 2016

Rejection Is Our Protection

Hedgehog Wisdom
Our lives  are pretty uncomfortable right now. The weather is getting colder and snowier,  the presidential debates are more strident, lots of folks are sick with a variety of ailments and work for many is unfulfilling. Or perhaps we  thought that some thing special would happen and it doesn't.  We try our best to get out of the discomfort by figuring out things to do differently.

We try to get a new job and we are rejected.
We reach out to old friends and they will not return our calls. We attempt to do new things and we are stopped in small and big ways.
When we receive these rejections, we withdraw, get really angry and  blame others. But what if it is a universal sign of protection. Right now, what if it is better not to get together with that friend or you are better off  staying in the old job.
What if the rejection really does protect us from moving on prematurely. Sometimes, the new opportunities have not yet formed and the valuable  learning is staying present. It is uncomfortable and many times we  feel like we will never get out of these dark feelings.

And we learn that every moment is not awesome. We have a lot to learn in the discomfort. So take a deep breath and feel what you feel. It will pass.............

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