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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pockets of Peace

Frog Peace
Everyone is talking about what we can do to help with all of the disasters and serious challenging situations happening in the world. Some of us may feel like we are helping by watching CNN obsessively so that we know exactly what is happening moment by moment.
Other people are taking the time to pray for the various people and situations that are in trouble.  And other folks just sit and don't know what to do. They feel helpless watching the world  falling apart and feel that nothing will make a difference and on and on....

I wonder if we did something so drastically different and yet so insanely easy, that we could actually create a peaceful world. without leaving our homes.  Is there someone in your current life, that you do not get along with? Most of us have one or two people that fall into this category:) What if you reached out to them today and showed some compassion for what was happening with them. What if you were so angry at a friend that hasn't called you in a long time, that you picked up the cell phone and called or emailed them.

I believe that by doing these small acts we create pockets of peace. If enough people create enough pockets of peace than we are  already changing the world.
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