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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Internal Pockets of Peace, Part 2 and Happy ThanksGiving

Unconscious Messenger
We all have the crazy parts of our families and relationships mirrored inside each of us.  Since we are not" Hallmark" families, we all have a variation of an annoying  cousin, a kindhearted sister, a mean spirited father, a kind mother in law and an alcoholic uncle. It is  possible that the reason you feel crazy some days is that you are holding everyone and everything inside you?

Sometimes, clients come in and say I would like to cut that crazy part out of me. I don't want to remember that trauma. I hate my brother and I will simply lock him out of my life. Usually, they have already tried doing something like that and it does not work.....

So then, what  do we do when we wake up with our angry cousin's voice inside of us?  So instead of ignoring the communication from the unconscious,we listen to it.  So if  we dream about that cousin, then we take the time to  ask what he is trying to  communicate?  We take a moment and remember why the memory is important for us.

What if the cousin's anger is a reminder that we don't have to say yes all of the time.
What if your  mother in law's sweet voice is reminding us that sometimes we can be happy to just be alive?
What if the disappointed  voice of your father is a memory that we need to be kinder to our own children?

If we look at the parts or voices as memories of what we have forgotten to change than we can begin to let go of the crazy and create lasting  health.  We are really not the victims that we think we are.

 We continue to keep  blaming everyone else or  we  can make real changes.  Isn't it time????  We can create a better world and oh yes maybe even a happier holiday.
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