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Friday, May 22, 2015

The Sweet Spot and The Chaos

wasp bite
Perhaps, it is time to stop talking about all of the chaos  around us and begin to stop our own contributions of craziness. So many folks come in to sessions and continue to blame their partners, parents, friends, siblings etc for the upset in their lives. Often, it takes until the end of the session to allow the topic of our own contribution to all of this.  We do not want to feel or see that we have any responsibility for any of it.

Perhaps,  we  could  start looking at the sweet spot or moment between the action and our reaction to an event. What if we stop reacting as if we have our parents and grandparents coaching us to say things and instead take the time to thoughtfully respond in our own words. If we persistently get angry and can't seem to do it any other way then this is ancestral baggage. If we persistently feel helpless about everything then it is probably also ancestral baggage. We are so much more than our daily lives and when we recognize it , then we can begin to change.
So the next time,  you begin to quickly react to an event, take a breath and think about how else you might handle things. Who do you want to be in the world?  You get to choose it now.
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