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Monday, May 11, 2015

Grace and Frankie, New Netflix Series is Ridiculous and Funny

animals speak but do humans listen
I watched the first four episodes of the new Netflix series called Frankie and Grace. It stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston. I was so excited to find a series that seemed thoughtful, age appropriate and interesting. It was interesting if a bit overplayed with the jokes about hearing and  invisibility. The issue of sexual orientation is now being portrayed on screen in a more sensitive manner than ever before.
However, Lily Tomlin's character just looked ridiculous.

The script portrayed Lily Tomlin as an energetic healer and shaman.  She is trying to live in both worlds and she is portrayed as ludicrous in her attempts to do so. She is capable of healing work as shown with her art classes with former  inmates. There are so many of us that are consciously balancing the physical world that values the material and logical and the energetic world that is multi dimensional and powerful.
Why do we have such a hard time with the integration ? Is it inconceivable that we could use the power of prayer and meditation to change our lives?  Is it inconceivable that we could be living in a world where unseen forces exist?

In my practice as a psychotherapist and energy healer, I often talk about ghosts, spirits, healing, and channeling etc. We are very interested in knowing that there is more to this world than designer handbags and expensive vacations. We want to know that that there is so much more than we can possibly imagine.

I have spent my life integrating the two worlds and helping others to do the same. So while I thought that the premise of the new series Frankie and Grace was interesting, I was not happy with Lily Tomlin's portrayal as a silly woman who meditates on tables and takes vision quests on beaches in LA. There is so much more to be said about who we are.
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