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Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Lemon Story-Living Out Of The Box

Gloucester Sunset
I know that some of you are thinking, not again with the lemons. Please bear with me. Yesterday, I was reading Dr. Brian Weiss' new book, titled  Miracle Happen- The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories by Dr. Brian Weiss. In the book one of his students shares this vision of meeting  her Masters or Spiritual Guides.

They come to her while she was in a near death experience with serious burns all over her body. The Masters show her  two views of a past life. One that is lived from fear and the other from love.

There is a young woman with a family and they are all very hungry. She goes to see the grains keeper and asks for food. The grains keeper states in an angry tone that he has no food for her. The woman is so desperate when she leaves that she is angry towards her family. Her young son runs towards her and she flings him away.
As the student comes out of the vision, she is also  angry at the grains keeper. The Masters ask her which one did she think she was. She said the woman but she was  actually the grains keeper.

Now the Masters change the scene. The same young woman approaches the grains keeper and asks for food. This time he says no with a kind  voice. The woman is upset but not angry. When her young son approaches her, she hugs him.
Then they say to her "Circumstances outside you do not have to lead your heart. Instead allow your heart to lead you in all circumstances" (Page 308)

Great story about being  mindful about how we  respond to others when there are lemons in the room.
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