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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What are Lemons Anyway? - Living Out Of The Box

"Courageous Fear"
I know that it is hard to imagine that everything that we experience has a positive and negative side.  It is possible that things are changing so much that  our lemons or "lessons" are no longer what they were even a couple of months ago.

When I first started thinking that I wanted to paint, I signed up for a class at the Princeton YWCA. The class was cancelled due to lack of attendance.  Because of the cancellation, I asked around for other instructors and found the teacher that I was meant to have.

So sometimes, things look like lemons and they aren't.  And sometimes, lemonade is not very sweet either.  We are moving towards a time when we will hold all events and people without judgement. It is exciting and scary to think about it. Now is that a lemon or lemonade????
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