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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Telling the Truth- Living Out Of The Box

Frog Truth
After you have decided that you are a hero, the next challenge is to tell the truth about your current situation. For example, a client said that he was feeling really sad and disconnected from his life. He could not get out of the funk for days and he could not say what was wrong. Then one day, he told the truth, I hate my job. Just saying it aloud, he  began to change his future.

The first step is being  willing to move forward even though you may be afraid. The second step is saying out loud what is true. I hate my partner, I hate what I do, I am sad that my dog died or I want to move somewhere warm.  Then you are free to begin to take action. It is not enough to just say, I envision a new wonderful job.
At this point, you can breathe deeply into the emotion and then begin to do what you really want to do.
Healthy emotions have a life span of 90 seconds. Don't hang onto yours.
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