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Friday, August 9, 2013

Parenting puppies and babies

Parenting puppies
I am so pleased to have so many folks read my last couple of blogs . Thank you.
As you can see from the last post, we have a new 10 week old puppy named Charlie. He moves so fast that my iPhone camera cannot keep up with him and all the photos are  pretty blurry....
For the past couple of weeks, he has been doing the best he can with house training. This means that he has daily accidents in the house.  Before we know it,  he has deposited a pile of poop  or a trickle of water on the rug. I must admit that after two weeks of this, I was having a very hard time.
At this point,  we realized that Charlie was leading us in house training and it was not working   I, then, thought about a phrase that my daughter and her husband use when parenting their  5 month old son. They  talk about baby led or parent led care. Baby led means that the baby determines when he eats, sleeps etc. Or when it is parent led, the parents set  a fair and reasonable schedule to keep their baby safe and happy. How can an infant baby or puppy  really figure that out all by him or herself.  Babies and puppies have a great need for well defined schedules that meet their needs. So today is the first day of putting him in his crate at  scheduled times throughout the day.  So far, this has been a great day with only two accidents.
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