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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Parent- Child Talks, How to Grow a Healthy Adult?

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When our kids were young, we had wonderful vegetable gardens. We worked hard at growing tomato's, beans, and zucchinis. We did not think that we were growing seedlings but  instead focused upon the ripe tomato or zucchini.
So I would like you to imagine that you are growing adults right now.

Please take a moment and think about the five characteristics that you want to see in your "adult" children and write them down.  If you wanted your children to be resourceful, creative and independant children than it would be helpful to nurture those traits. When we take the long term view, some of the annoying behaviors can look very different.

When your daughter decides that she wants to paint her room with cool colors that do not fit into your decorating scheme, think twice before saying no. If your son tells you a million knock knock jokes that make you crazy, breath and laugh instead. When your kids want to dress in ways that make you shake your head, then think about the importance of having their own fashion sense as  young adults. When my oldest daughter chose her own clothiers, they often comprised of random patterns, colors and styles. As an adult, she has a unique and striking soothing style that fits her personality well.

SO before you start arguing with your child about not doing things exactly the way that you would like them to do, think about the adults that they will become.
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