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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Now(New) generation, illusion or real?

chakra fish
I am excited to begin to talk more about the quiet powerful  energy that is quietly changing our world. You may not know it yet but your children and grandchildren are bringing about much needed changes to our families, our schools, our communities and to the planet.

Have you noticed how many  you tube videos and movies that feature very wise, talented young children that are quietly talking about love, peace and family connections?

Have you noticed that many young children have extraordinary talents that used to take years to manifest?

Have you noticed that that as parents and grandparents, we are becoming more convinced that we are more inept  technologically than the children in our lives?

Have you noticed that young children are more wide awake at a much younger age and seem to need less sleep?

These changes are not illusions but proof that significant   change is actually happening all over the world. I will soon begin a new blog featuring the" now(new) generation". In the meantime please check out this link  for the  9 year old philosopher. Please keep in touch.

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