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Friday, April 27, 2012

Maslows hierarchy of needs and the holocaust

flower opening
 I have tried writing this blog for several days in a row. I keep starting it and then I am unable to find the words to decribe my thoughts and feelings. Words are so limiting , photographs are better and even then it is hard to describe certain things. I will try it again today. . Abraham Maslow,psychologist,   created a hierarchy of needs back in the fifties.The first three levels of need  are in order:   food and shelter, safety and security and group approval. The next levels include self actualization and transcendence. I have always found this hierarchy helpful and yet I am finding yet another way to look at it.

Before  my  93 year old Uncle  began living at the Assisted living  residence , he constantly spoke about when and what food would be arriving at his door step. Also, he was very worried about his safety due to an unwelcome intruder in his home and  his health. It is now two months or so since he has moved into the assisted Living, h e has moved through first two levels and he  is  now actively seeking  group approval and inclusion. I have noticed that he has begun  genuinely reaching out to the staff and other residents. He flashes genuine smiles to some of the other residents especially a very pretty woman who looks a bit like his wife Muriel, who died about 3 1/2 years ago. Life is full of miracles. I am so glad that I am around to watch them unfold.

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