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Monday, July 25, 2011

past life regression and dreams

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I have always been aware of the importance of past life memories. About two years ago , I did an intensive past life hypnotherapy training with Dr. Brian Weiss. Since then I have helped many people access their past life memories, both in this life time and the ones previously . I have heard stories about lifetimes that included being a phoenix,living in  other crystal like dimensions, being dogs, parrots, lions, soldiers, knights from the crusades, businessmen , merchants , artists and  trees. Each life time fills us with learning and experience that is important. 

Sometimes, the memory will immediately trigger a changed behavior or feeling in the present.  Sometimes, it will initiate a spontaneous healing when the past event is healed and cleared.  I am aware that I had a past life as a knight in the crusades. During one battle while I was in full armour, I was seriously wounded in my neck. This  information was relayed to me by my chiropractor, who had just developed the spontaneous ability to see past lives in his patients.

This information was amazing on a number of levels. I have had chronic neck pain for thirty years  and  chiropractic manipulations have  been partially successful.  Also, in this life time, I  have frequently  lead with anger. Sometimes, it has been  my first reaction to events and people . So this memory helped me to make sense of behaviors and health problems that had eluded me for  years.
As I was reading Brian Weiss's book  Through Time Into Healing , he talked about  dream and past life regression  recall content. He states  that "In  dreams perhaps   70% of dream content consists of  symbol and metaphor , 15% actual memories   and the last 15% of distortion or disguise. I have found that in past life recall, though the proportions are usually rather different. Perhaps 80%  of thee past life experience will consist of actual memory , another 10 % of symbol and metaphor and the last 10% distortion and disguise".

These are  amazing statments.   When I work with clients  they usually come out of their past life memory  sessions doubting what they remembered.  Perhaps it would be helpful for all of us  to begin   trusting our deepest memories  from now on.
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