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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

are men or women to blame for this crazy world?

Holy Max (a beautiful angelic dog)
This morning I watched a beautiful  youtube video called Dear Woman  by a group called Consciousmen. video brought tears to my eyes. This group of eloquent men described their part in creating the current state of our world. They stated quite simply that they have witnessed and been the cause of much destruction towards women and our earth. I know in my heart that men are not the sole cause of all of the problems on earth. However, it was touching to hear each man state ownership of his feelings and the vastness of amazing connections that are possible between men and women.

 What I  reall dear woman you tube linky liked about the video was the variety of men, the variety of issues that were touched upon and the acknowledgement that as we heal our outer world, we heal ourselves. The opposite is also true. I look forward to witnessing men crying and laughing freely in the home  and the joy of watching    women showing up with kindness and clarity  in the work place
It is time for our own feminine side , whether we are a man or a woman,  to come out and be seen. The masculine side of all of us has been very visible for a long time. Please watch the video and  possibly observe your own heart opening as you connect with what these men are saying.
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