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Monday, June 27, 2016

Fox Medicine

Foxy Kenning
At about 6:30AM on Sunday, I looked in the yard and saw three cat like shapes  with very long tails prancing around.  After, I put my glasses on, I realized that they were kits or young foxes. They were playful and ran around the yard for about 15 minutes.This was not the first time that I had seen foxes in the yard.   They have been coming and going for about two weeks. The empty house next door has   an overgrown yard next door which is an awesome home and playground for animals. where they are not disturbed.
Fox medicine was used by Merlin the magician  to disguise himself when he was called into various kingdoms to perform  his magic.  Sometimes, our ability to conceal ourselves or shape shift can be a powerful ally and tool. Also, Fox teaches us how to be charming when we have challenges in our lives. For those of us who like to be straightforward and direct , it is often a perfect set up for ambush. If we walk a more silent and slightly crooked path, perhaps we will maintain an advantage of clarity and deep knowing. Fox is cunning and kenning ( an old english word for intuitive knowing)
Fox medicine  leads us between the worlds of humans and fairies, and  the world that we have known and the world that we are creating. Fox is an awesome guide as we  journey between.

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