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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pixie Passed Today, Our 14 1/2 year old Golden Friend

Pixie died peacefully today after an amazing life with our family. She was adopted at age 2 when this photo was taken. She was found after wandering the highways of Florida for several months. She was transferred to a golden adoption center in Pa and we were the lucky ones that brought her home.

She had a bit of a rough transition to inside life but then adapted beautifully. We have so many stories of her multiple selves: sweet disposition, ferocious  groundhog hunter,  self appointed guardian/aunt of Charlie as a puppy,  contented car traveller, protective walking companion, and lover of raw chicken parts, especially necks and wings.
She developed an aggressive mast cell tumor at age 5 and lived until 14. She broke all of the rules for life expectancy.
During these years, we spoke often to Whitney Taylor Baker,
the animal communicator at, and heard  Pixie's  wisdom time and time again.
This morning, we called Whitney to talk to Pixie and she confirmed that Pixie was ready to pass. Whitney burst into tears as she told us that Pixie was one of her favorite dogs. She always had pearls of wisdom for us that made our lives so much richer and more beautiful. True to form, she told us in her final hours, that everything would be all right...........
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