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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Are You Noticing?

I am noticing  that whether or not we believe that we can make a difference on the planet, everyone is trying to to make a difference. Some folks do it by complaining a lot, others do it by trying to heal everyone else and still others do it using denial. Perhaps the common denominator is that we more often see our mirror reflection in the outer world and we are just beginning to see the reflection in ourselves.

Could it be that...
In education,  parents are more apt to express their unhappiness  about their children's achievements rather than looking at their own job satisfaction
In health care, doctors are so caught up in being doctors  that they forget their own quality of life.
That we care so much about what others think about us that we lose who we are.
That the only way through the "unhappiness " in our lives is to start by telling the truth.
Could it be if we are passionate about the things that we  do  whether we like them or not than everything will shift.
If we are looking for total bliss and happiness all of the time , then we are on a fools errand.
However, if we are looking for a passionate  authentic life that has the tremendous potential to change everything, then anything is possible.........

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