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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing Is As It Seems- Living Out Of The Box

Frog Princess
Every day I wake up with different takes on the world around me. For some time, I have been feeling that nothing is as it seems. Perhaps we are all part demon and part princess. The worst news can often assist us to make the best changes and the best news can move us into lethargy and depression. 

Everything is an opportunity to see more clearly and take a step back from  our strong opinions.
I believe that we are all on a path to see and feel things more clearly. We fuzz events and people up by pretending that they are better or worse than we think they are. Perhaps take a few moments to see clearly what is going on in your life and decide whether you like who you are right now. If not do something else. There will always  be plenty of opportunities to do things differently.

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