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Friday, May 2, 2014

Grandhog's Day Over and Over - Living Out Of The Box

Frog Legs
Everyday, we wake up and think about the long list of things that we need to do. Whether it is going to work, getting the kids spring clothes,  mowing the lawn or  fixing meals. We figure these things out daily. What we forget to place on our list is our physical body.  Somehow, we imagine that our bodies will magically heal without paying attention to them.

It does not seem to  work that way. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and  sensitive. It appears that lack of care and attention  often results in poor health. And, we get caught up in compartmentalizing our bodies much like our highly specialized medical system. We are not just  our hearts, digestive systems or bum knees. I think that when we have fewer body parts or significant physical pain , we are more aware of the physical body. So let's not take ourselves for granted but instead everyday let's choose to give thanks to the amazing body that we do have. The body definitely has ears..........
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