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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The shift and clinical hypnosis training

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I was in NYC  this past weekend for the fourth and final weekend of hypnosis training.  It has been an awesome experience!  The training has helped me open up to some totally new and different ways of healing.  After 30 years of healing and psychotherapy work, I am really ready to re-imagine what I do and create a new paradigm for myself.  When I first did healing work, I was a polarity therapy and massage practitioner in Berkley, CA.  It was a challenging time.  Those of us who were practicing alternative health techniques were against everything in those days and we felt that we could do everything.  I learned about freedom and being out of  the box during the 70's.
In the late 70's,  I received my MSW in San Diego, CA and began negotiating the road of integrating traditional and non traditional practices.  Soon after that,  I moved back to NJ and moved back into the box. I worked in three mental health facilities and  mostly followed the rules.
About ten years ago, I learned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki healing and began moving out of the box again. Truthfully, I have always been creative and pushed the healing edge. For the last ten years, I have allowed my heart to do the leading in my healing work.
 I love clinical hypnosis..... I think that I love it so much because it works and emphasizes self  healing, truth telling and powerful  intuition. I am eager to see how this will transform my practice. Thank you Melissa Tiers,  and the Center for Integrative Hypnosis.
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