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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

meditations on spring

I am sitting ,like many others, in great anticipation of spring. I am so looking forward to our world warming up and seeing the changes that transform our corner of the world. IT is beautiful in New Jersey in the spring. We go through so many layers of change, We begin with the crocuses and snow drops that break through the chilled earth. Then we see the daffodils in so hues of yellows and whites. As I walk along the D & R canal, I start seeing the turtles coming out on warm days. They quit their hibernation and seek the sun on rocks and branches in the water. I love seeing them come out of the murky depths and begin to dry out .
So this year, a lovely meditation would be to notice the changes that you have made since last year as you are noticing the changes in nature around you. The changes could be seen , both internalyl and externally, ie changing jobs , relationships, eating habits, kinder conversations with health insurance representatives and politicians , and kinder conversations with yourself about your own progress. Truthfully, I am proud that I am kinder to health insurance representatives even thought it is really really hard to do.

Enjoy the first breaths of spring and new life. We will never see this spring again!
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