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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

disabilities and abilities

This is an awesome video about a young man, named Patrick Huges, who is blind and unable to walk. When Patrick was asked if he has disabilities, he stated that he only has abilities. He plays piano as if conducted by the angels. What a profound statement. It makes me want to rethink all of my weaknesses as strengths. Perhaps, if I can give my weaknesses a different spin thanI will also be closer to the angels.
As a healer, many times by the end of the day, I am aware of a great deal of physical pain in my body. I feel that I absorb other people's pain. Often it show up in my shoulders, back and legs . I have always had some level of pain in my body. Perhaps, I can see it as an ability to really connect with people and let myself hear the angels talk to me through the process. I would like to do as Mr. Hughes does and see my abilities a little bit differently.
I cannot upload the video but I can tell you to go to you tube and search for Patrick Henry Hughes , a father's love for his son. Sorry about that. Perhaps next time I will have the ability!!

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