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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Roseate Spoonbill Chat

Roseate Spoonbill
I am sitting at my desk speaking with the representative from Fitbit about a malfunctioning alta device and I happened to look up into the gaze of a Roseate Spoonbill.
If you have not seen these beautiful birds up close, they are a gorgeous pink and white color, with a long bill that is shaped like a spoon at the end. They have a similar neck to a heron with the long s curve and probably a similar size to a medium blue .

The spoon bill has been sitting out side of  my slider for the past 10 minutes . She has been alternately grooming herself and looking in the window.  Around her, there are dozens of shore bird on the  pond behind my house.  fFor the past few days,  there have been more birds than usual and  I have never seen a Roseate so close and personal before.
I love when the birds come really close and appear to be looking in. I know that there is a mirror effect but I also know that there is intention behind the looking.
I looked up the totem meaning behind the Spoon bill .....

Spoonbills talk about the importance of being courageous in all situations. to always take full responsibility for what is happening in the present.
It is also important to honor shyness and know when it is a helpful reponse and  when one is simply hiding out.
Another intriguing  point was the effectiveness of simply being weary. Some things are just wearisome to deal with.
And the importance of silence.

So how does this relate to me now?  I am in the process of  buying a new home and  preparing for the LCSW  licensing exam so that I can practice in Florida. Dealing with hurricanes, new insurance and mortgage brokers,  new contractors, new everything really  which is both  exciting and  wearying. I am truly excited about the new and yet a bit weary about all that is to be done. I have bought a condo that is completely furnished so all of those things will need to be disposed of in an efficient and rapid manner. I have three weeks between when I close on the place and when I need to move out of my rental. It is wearisome, exciting, mgaical,  and overwhelming right now. I have seen and experienced so much magic since I have moved to this beautiful part of the world. I am so very  grateful and now for some moments of  silence....

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