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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Past life as a fairy

This is not an easy post to write.When someone asks me what were you in a a past life, I respond I remembered being a fairy.I get many different reactions to this response and I loved the experience. While doing a Past life regression, people receive the information in many different ways, ie seeing images, hearing words, feeling the emotions. For me, I see and hear words in my mind and it is not as easy to see the images. So when I dream, I dream in words. This is a bit unusual I know and it is very comforting for me. So I remembered the feelings and thoughts from the fairy life time more than seeing myself in tiny shoes and wings.

I remembered feeling very happy living to be with other elementals and feeling at peace. There was a great sense of contentment among all of us. In terms of the relationships with humans, that was a more complicated story. I was aware of difficulty with honesty and respect. The humans were very disrespectful and dishonest in dealing with us. I remember feeling so very sad and bereft at this discord.

After this past life memory, many things made more sense to me. I have always loved fairies. I used to tell wonderful made up fairy stories to my daughters when they were little. I love painting fairies and have many books about them. So for me, it was a wonderful experience that linked parts of me together in a magical way.

Comforts of remembering past lives

I took the Past life regression hypnotherapy week long workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss over ten months ago now. In retrospect, I am so glad that I did the class. the knowledge and skills have been invaluable. I love offering the possibility of doing a regression with clients and friends. Personally, it has brought me great joy to know that I have lived before and will live again. It is very reassuring to know that there is a very big picture that we can draw from and not be limited to the vagaries of this life time. Sometimes, I think about very powerful friendships that have sustained me over the course of many years and know that they began in other times. I have a dear friend Andrea and from the beginning of our friendship, about 22 years ago, she has referred to me as her angel. We have had a bumpy friendship at times but it has always been guided by the deep connections that we have. Somehow, when we know that there are soul whisperings going on, we are kinder and more thoughtful in our relationships.

Sometimes, I hear parents talk about their children's memories of past lives. Mom, remember when I had another brother or remember when we lived in the read house. This is also comforting, for many reasons. This is clear evidence that you and your children have past live connections. The children are aware of their own soul work and can often work on some deep issues very early in their lives. A great book to guide parents is Carol Bowman's," Children and Past Lives". It is all information and sometimes Past life knowing can unlock doors that would have remained shut for a very very long time. Next time I will talk about my own remembering.