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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Take Back Your Life Right Now

Frog Sense
There is too much conflicting  information about how to take care of ourselves. We have been told that we do not know what is best for us. We were told to eat plenty of butter and then plenty of margarine and now we are back to butter.  We have adjusted our sleep schedule according to what the latest specialist has to say. As a consequence we have been sleep deprived. Oh yes, what about sun exposure, we have reduced it so much that we are depressed.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sacred Recipe- Berbere Spice

Hanging On
This is a followup to the blog post about the movie Sacred Science. The Movie Link
If you have not watched it yet, there is still time. Many of you have watched it already and enjoyed it.
We are all on a healing journey whether we know it or not.  Often it is a more enlightening journey if we are conscious of where we might be going.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Ball Cap For A Frog

Ball Cap for a Frog
I loved painting this frog. He seemed silly and quite wise to me. Sometimes, the wisest thing that we can do is to be silly.
I am including a Ted Talk link that shares silly  inventions that will bring a smile to your face. A Ted talk about silly and then smart inventions.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sacred Science

Blue Eyed Frog
Spiders, Ayahuasca, Shamans, healing, cancer and spiritual journeys are all found in the movie titled Sacred  Science. This is a true story  of 8 men and women from all over the world  as they travel their own road to healing in the Amazon Jungle. I  believe  that we can heal ourselves in many different ways. This is a powerful way if you are called to it.

California Dreaming

My husband and I just went out to Ojai, California for a family wedding. The forecast was for a heat wave caused by Santa Anna desert  winds. Of course, it was to be an outdoor wedding and reception.
Eucalyptus Fairy Tree
Since I have not visited California for the past twenty years, I was really excited to go and it was amazing.