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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turtle healing energy

turtle light
Roxie,  our 11 year old Golden Retriever, found a rock in our grassy backyard yesterday.  She had it in her mouth but I couldn’t understand why she had picked up a rock!  Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an Eastern Box turtle. This is the first turtle that we have actually found on our property in over thirty years;  it was very exciting.  This beautiful turtle was about 4-5 inches long and had both beautiful yellow colored patterns and brown geometric “etchings” on its shell.  The Box turtle has the unusual ability to lock up tight when it is in protection mode. I think that is why it looked like a rock to Roxie.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why we can't sleep well?


dragonflies at night
 Because, we are afraid to acknowledge our dark side.  The dark side means the part of us that we refuse to look at or talk about.  It is different for everyone.  For some, it is our anger, our vulnerability, our regrets, or our fears.  It could be anything really.  We just like to pretend that everything  is light and good.  By pretending, we actually miss out on the greatest opportunities for healing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trying and expecting a miracle

miracles of nature
I married myself last night. Interesting, I had written a blog post describing my frustration about needing to fit into a a narrow paradigm of acceptable truths. I  had heard one too many scientific explanations of things that could not be explained and I just said what I believed to be true. The tricky thing is that when you say it, you have held it in for so long  that the words come out very strongly.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Living in Both worlds

both worlds
I am so tired of keeping my inner world a secret for fear that someone will misunderstand what I am saying. I feel like I am always hedging behind saying the right words at the right time to the right people. I am grateful that things are opening up so much that we can more easily say the truth. I know that the scientific method and the religious leaders  have  kept us all in the dark for many thousands of years  by having to prove even unprovable things.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Healing ourselves first

clearing energy of the frog

It is coming in loud and clear right now that we need to heal ourselves before we can offer clear healing to others. We are asked to put on our own oxygen mask in an airline emergency before we put it on our children.  This can be generalized to all situations. When we take care of what we need  then it is easier to help others.

Mountain Lion Operating system

elephant  magic

As a result of my lunchtime conversation with a dear friend over delicious Thai stir fry, I realized one important thing about the way that I work.  I have been in the healing field for over 35 years and I have never stopped recreating my self.  I continue to take challenging classes and workshops so that I can challenge how I live my life and how I work with clients.  I feel that I have always done this.