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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Giraffe Mind- a new form of Mind Less Ness

Giraffe Mind
I am amazed that it has been since May that  I have written a post. I have felt ambivalent about writing one certainly. While I love to do it, I also realize that everyone is doing one these days and they are amping up the quality, advertising, complexity etc. It is all a bit intimidating and why bother.
There are already too many things to read and much too much to remember..........

However, I can offer originality with my thoughts, feelings  and paintings.
As I created this painting, I realized that i am constantly looking at things in more than one way. it could be this, or that or none of those.  I feel like taking a step back , seeing and naming  the possibilities,  helps us to calm our anxieties down and and be more present.
I am suggesting giraffe mind as a new form of mind less ness.