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Friday, September 8, 2017

Irma's Gifts

Today, as I am sitting in the beautiful, hot calmmess of Central Flroida, I am wondering about how information comes to us. In the past, I have felt that I must be the originator of the idea or I could not claim to speak about it. without referring to them.  Things have changed.

 There is so much awareness that is flowing through everyone of us that we can no longer keep up with who said what and  credit them.  For me,  I  have decided to write about  what resonnates with  my sensing. I will not credit it to others since it will be a deeply felt knowing of my own.  Perhaps this is the way that we can shift out of the fake vs real news discussion. This  concept  has been as crippling as political correctness........ The struggle can be over. If we  each  say what we authentically mean and stand behind it. And this knowing can shift in seconds,  hours, and days but  in this moment, it is ours.

With that preface, I feel that Irma has alreay given me many gifts.
1. The gift of having to make the  decision  to stay in Sarasota
2. The gift of clearing out my resistance to change.
3. The gift of accepting help
4. The gift of trusting that I am exactly where I need to be and have the resources to be here.
5. The gift of staying present in the frenzy of fear and ungrounded activity.
6. The gift of being the love instead of sending the love. This is a big one.
7. The gift of being the recipient of  so much love.
8. The gift of having many uncomfortable moments and days.
9.The gift of writing this blog more often.

As we continue to sit in the eys of this discomfort, you might ponder upon what gifts you have been given by Irma already. Much love.

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