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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Divine Neutrality

It feels like everyone is talking about all of the craziness that has been going on for the past weeks. It is almost expected to hear about another train collision, shooting, fire or death. It is so surprising that we can adapt to the new now.

I also feel that there are many new opportunities that are arising from the ashes. Just as many folks are talking about positive geographical moves, new business opportunities, educational reforms and incredible world wide traveling. They are talking about healing their relationships with partners, parents and children in ways that they could not imagine before. We really have no idea why everyone  is facing the unique challenges that they are facing however we do know that it is best to be in "divine neutrality" about it all. At the core of our challenges is the essence of our current lesson.

Perhaps,  we can all  take a moment and ask the following questions:
 What is it that we have been avoiding ?
Do we take the time to sit with ourselves on a regular basis?
Are we kind to ourselves and others?

Please take this moment to stop your own craziness and begin todo
one  thing differently:)

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