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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zucotti Park and People's Park, times are changing


When I look at the coverage for Zucotti Park and Oakland, Ca , I remember living in Berkeley in the 70's. I lived in a commune with 10 other men, women and children. I was so struck by the  cohesive  community that these folks had created for themselves and their families. They had a beautiful vegetable garden and would take turns cooking  fabulous ethnic meals for everyone. I remember tasting  Biryani ( a complex  Indian rice dish) for the first time and loved the wonderful spices  and flavors. I vividly recall attending a home birth that I still remember forty years after it happened. There was so much excitement and the  belief that we really could change the world.  I attended rallies in  People's Park in Berkeley and we were definitely chased by the  police and tear gassed. It was a scary and incredibly exciting time.

Right now, my heart is with everyone that is challenging the systems all over the world  that are broken right now. Have I benefited from some of these broken systems over the years? Yes and it does not mean that they should not be changed . I support everyone that is challenging the system in peaceful and intentional ways. It is our job to see what is no longer working and take steps to correct it. Please take a look at the link to the statements of solidarity  and the you tube video. The solidarity statement  is well written, accurate  and powerful.  We were aware of some of these major issues in the 70' s and now forty years there are even more of them.  Another major  difference  is that these words of change are being chanted by many ,  many more people with incredible  age,  economic and  cultural diversity. Yes it is a time of big changes. How have you changed?
  statement of solidarity, Zucotti park
you tube of life in Zucotti park

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